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Dolphin Premium Charger 12V15A

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Dolphin Premium Charger 12Volt 15amp   Plug N Play Battery Charger

  • New robust and compact casing
  • 3 completely isolated battery outputs
  • Easy wiring and connection thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors
  • Digital management with up to date microcontroller
  • 4 charging programs including one for lithium-ion-iron-phosphate with integrated BMS
  • Full power at temperatures up to 50°C
  • Automatic weekly equalisation for all charging programs
  • Automatic 115/230v switchover (12v 25A, 12v 40A & 24v 20A only)
  • Night mode : silent – without fan (12v 25A, 12v 40A & 24v 20A only)
  • Conformal coating of the PCB to prolong the life of the battery charger
  • New Dolphin Premium 12V 60A includs CAN BUS J1939 feature+
Since their launch in 1995, Dolphin Battery Chargers have consistently proven themselves market leaders. Dolphin 1 - 1995 to 2001 - was technologically advanced for its time. When Dolphin 2 was launched - 2001 to 2009 - an emphasis was placed on the design of the product. Dolphin Premium & Pro - since 2010 - are products without compromise. They are efficient, robust and cost conscious. From 1995 - 2008, Dolphin Battery Chargers were manufactured by PowerFirst. In 2008, PowerFirst was bought by MDP, specialists in research, development and manufacture of electronic products. MDP is based in Annecy in eastern France; part of the production process is subcontracted to cost efficient countries thus ensuring that Dolphin Battery Chargers will remain price competitive as well as technologically advanced in the years to come.

Input Voltage230V (+/- 15%) (115V available on request)
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz (+/-10%)
Cos0.6 typ
Efficiency80% typ
Max. Current 115V/230VNA / 1,9A
Fuse (5x20mm)T3,15A 250V.           

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